About Payvant Capital


Established in 2019, Payvant Capital embarked on a mission with a clear vision. Our core objective was facilitating business growth through merchant cash advances and business loans. With time and experience, our path evolved. Today, we're not just providing financial support but acquiring equity stakes in promising small to midsize enterprises. What catches our eye? Enterprises that lean heavily on telemarketing to drive their sales and teams that brim with the potential for scaling.


At Payvant Capital, we're staunch believers in nurturing relationships and fostering growth through meticulous investments in strategic business avenues. But, our involvement runs deeper than mere monetary transactions. We pride ourselves on being more than just investors. In our eyes, we're collaborators and mentors, dedicated to offering insights and expertise that extend beyond just financial input.

Our niche is distinct and deliberate. We choose to align ourselves with small teams that not only have robust business models but also the potential to expand and grow. It's an approach rooted in the belief that investments should be about more than just capital. When we invest, we invest in people. We're committed to nurturing the passion, drive, and determination that fuels your business, turning those initial sparks of promise into roaring flames of success.


Our journey from our inception to today has been transformative. From primarily focusing on merchant cash advances, our strategic shifts now allow us to partner with burgeoning enterprises that see telemarketing as a pivotal strategy. This evolution hasn't just been about diversifying our investment portfolio; it's been about broadening our horizons and deepening our understanding of diverse business landscapes.



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